Sarah and Family

When Sarah contacted me to ask about having some photos done she said even though it’s not the prettiest outside this time of year I would really like having some photos taken of my son because I haven’t had professional photos taken of him since he was born. I told her that we could do an in home session so that the weather wouldn’t be a factor and she was on board. I am so glad that she agreed because the morning of her session, it was dreadful and extremely windy outside but that didn’t matter! Having an indoor session this time of year is a great way to capture beautiful family photos.

Sarah’s son was pure joy! He had just woken from a nap and was all smiles and such a cherub. He loved having so much attention and showing off his new bottom teeth and his million pound smile! Sarah, thank you for inviting me in your beautiful home and allowing me to capture a few moments in this time of your life. Enjoy your sneak!